golf cheatingIs there an honor system in golf? Do the players really adhere to the rules when they play golf especially if it is a friendly game with a regular group of golfers? Yet there are still folks who can’t help but cheat. How to cheat at golf could simple if you’re willing to do it. There are lots of people that cheat just a little simply by getting the ball an inch closer to hole right after being marked. Even if that’s the case, it’s but cheating. This may easily be done especially if nobody’s watching. As an alternate choice, you could pretend to be picking up and swiftly put the ball where you wish them to be.

How to cheat at golf entails that you must also be good at lying. Be sure you know how to live with the lie especially if you have won quite a big sum from it. You need to avoid thinking moral values and good ethics whenever you lie. Don’t overuse your strategies if there’s money on the line since it would be quite easy to lose friends. Don’t be too obvious and use it only occasionally. Cheating can certainly assist you to win so long as you aren’t caught.

Step on the competitor’s ball rendering it unplayable. Act as if nothing happened and you don’t know anything about it. Illegal golf clubs may even be useful regardless of salesmen telling you it isn’t used for normal golf playing. Some mythologies in cheating have gone out of style or have been used so often that other players will be doubtful. Your opponent might also know the trick so you had better watch out.

When you’re searching for a lost ball in an area where no one is watching, you can just drop a ball out of your pocket and shout “hey, I have found it”. The odds are you won’t get caught when everybody gets too busy and fail to notice what you simply did. The trick is not to be apparent regarding it; or else, other opponents will monitor every move you do. How to cheat at gold can really be simple to accomplish particularly with practice. When you are out golfing with your girlfriend who is a novice in the game, try a few of your maneuvers. Anyway, she won’t know that it’s cheating or not.

Antique Copper Used In Modern Kictchen FauctesFor many years now, copper has been used to crafts items that are both purposeful and decorative. This natural metal has now penetrated into many a kitchen and bathroom out there if the rapidly growing antique copper kitchen faucet market is anything to go by.

Consequently, there is a wide variety of designs, size and finish in the market today and this is good news to anyone who is looking to buy an antique copper faucet for their kitchen or bathroom. For many home owners, these faucets are no ordinary water taps; they are also fashionable accessories that significantly improve the appearances their homes.

Faucet manufacturers have already identified this relatively new market and have already taken the relevant steps to meet this huge demand. Just like many other modern faucets in the market today, copper faucets can be grouped into two types, mixing faucets and compression faucets.

Compression Faucets

A compression faucet is the usual, old-style design that is made up of a spigot and two knobs that emit hot and cold water. To regulate the pressure and the temperature of the water, compression faucets rely on the washer valves. A compression antique kitchen faucet requires a three-hole widespread installation.

Mixing Faucets

Mixing faucets can be described as contemporary or modern designs. They are made up of a single spigot and only one handle that can emit hot or cold water through a single lever operation. A mixing antique copper kitchen faucet is very easy to operate, and most especially for people with a degree of disability in their hands. This is because it functions without the necessity of water valves and only requires a single hole in the sink for installation.

While it is true that the mixing spigot provides configuration that is more durable and modern, most people prefer the old fashioned compression design when it comes to the antique copper kitchen faucets. The reason behind this is because the traditional design offers more when it comes to artistic variety and sophistication, especially the country or rural design themes.

In spite of the prestige they offer, antique copper faucets are quite vulnerable to oxidation or corrosion, this is because copper oxidizes especially when exposed to moisture and air. This means that with time, a copper faucet will tarnish and develop a patina or finishing that is greenish in color. A patina is a thin coating or film that develops on copper surfaces due to oxidation.

In spite of this, many people love the patina claiming that it presents the faucets with an authentic, rustic appeal. Alternatively, those who don’t fancy the patina finishing on their antique copper faucets may purchase brands that have a lacquer coating or finishing. Lacquer will help preserve the original antique finish. You may call in a professional plumber to install an antique faucet for you or simply search around online for the best kitchen faucets for options to replace your old faucet and read the kitchen faucet reviews.


Cleaning is not everyone’s cup of tea, especially when that someone happens to be a teenager. Luckily, there are various ways to turn cleaning into pure fun for children, teenagers and adults too.

Discussed below are some strategies that can be used by those who don’t particularly enjoy cleaning:

How I Turn Cleaning Into FunMusic

Music has time and again been used effectively to turn around many boring activities including cleaning. The trick lies in choosing the kind of music that motivates you. Some people enjoy high-energy tunes like rap or rock and roll as they clean. Others will enjoy some cool tunes to soothe their brains and help them concentrate. Another trick is to dance along to coincide with the activities involved like dusting and vacuuming.

Games and Contests

Whether you are working alone or not, a contest or game can turn the task into much fun. If you are working with your kids, create contests where there is a reward for the one who cleans their bedroom fastest. Another game that is quite fun is to hide treats randomly in a messy room to encourage the kids to clean it.

Rearranging a Room

Rearranging a room will give it a new look and will make cleaning more fun. This will even allow you to clean underneath the pieces you have moved. You can even take out all the items in your dresser before moving it to a new position and you can thereafter clean the top and arrange it neatly. This will give your room a new look and you will even enjoy spending more time in there.


Reward yourself with something you have really wanted for a long time every time you clean your house. The mere thought of the reward will turn the chore into a simple and enjoyable activity.

Audio books

An audiobook is a book that comes in CD or MP3 format. Listening to a good book will inspire you to keep working for a longer time.


Turn your cleaning into a charitable event where you can gather any unwanted items in your room as you clean and organize them to donate to the less fortunate members of your society. This will not only get your cleaning done but will also give you something to feel good about.

Invest In a Steam Mop

A steam mop will turn your cleaning into an easy and fun task. It will allow you to use multiple functions without the need to switch from one appliance to the other. Unlike a vacuum cleaner, a steam mop will get rid of dirt instantly. All it takes is to push the mop forward and backwards with one arm and get the job done with only a few swipes. Other than that, a steam mop can deeply sanitize and kill germs without the need for any strong cleaning solutions.

Shark® Steam Lite Mop – S3251 is a perfect example of a light and easy-to-maneuver steam mop that will make your cleaning more fun and enjoyable. You can also get more reviews here if you are unsure of what steam mop to buy.

vacuuming away fleasHedgehogs are the latest craze, but if you are not careful, they might come in with a lot of fleas and take over your home. If, however, those little, blood-suckers have already taken over your house, take a deep breath and relax, for it’s really nothing that a little effort and a mild detergent won’t solve.

First and foremost, you need to arm yourself with a good vacuum cleaner, like the SteamVac Power Max with Clean Surge. This is because you need to vacuum your furniture and all the carpets in your home at least four times every week.  This should be done by everyone who has just brought in a hedgie or any other pet from the store, even before you have found any evidence of flea infestation.

The only way to keep an infestation under control is to physically remove any eggs, larvae and mature insects. A vacuum cleaner should do the job perfectly. If you are not sure about your current machine, or if you need to get one, get more information here. Just be sure to concentrate on stairs and any other places that your pet/pets love to spend time on, like a favorite chair or under a particular bed and to always seal and dispose off the vacuum bag after you are done. This is because adult fleas can always easily find their way out of the bags and into your carpets and furniture again.

Floor mats and area rugs should also be washed with hot water and mild detergent on a regular basis. Make sure they dry completely because humidity provides an ideal breeding ground for fleas and other prolific bugs.

You may also make a home-made flea remedy by mixing three cups of diatomaceous earth and 1-2 cups of boric acid. This mixture should be sprinkled lightly but thoroughly over and under carpets, beds and inside every closet. Just remember to wear a protective mask so as to avoid drawing in the mixture. You may also use a broom to push the granules deeper into the carpet, after which you can vacuum after every two days.

Another easy-to-make flea remedy can be made from a mixture of one part of table salt and eight parts of cleaning powder. The same application process should be used, but vacuuming should only be done after one week. These remedies are meant to dry out the habitat and to dehydrate larvae and adults too.

Also, you can sprinkle diatomaceous earth in the yard, especially in pet runs and any other area frequented by your pets, especially the shady ones. Remember that fleas thrive in moist areas, so don’t bother to treat sunny areas.

If you have a yard, it is also important to introduce nematode Steinernema carpocapsa. You can do this through a spray that you can buy at your local garden store or through the internet. Nematode Steinernema carpocapsa is a tiny worm species that destroys and feeds on flea larva. Spray it in shady/humid areas and reapply in case of another infestation.

According to the CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention), 30% of the American population is obese while another 60% is overweight. What this means is that, 1 in every 5 people in America is obese. Consequently, most people are constantly looking for diets that work.

In spite of being one of the most commonly sought-after rapid weight loss programs in the market, does the HCG diet work?

A majority of HCG diet reviews concur that this weight loss program can enable you to lose up to 50 pounds in a short amount of time. While this weight loss program was discovered more than 50 years ago, the FDA is yet to approve it.

Whereas the HCG diet protocol has been used for more than a decade, there are still some lingering concerns about its safety. For instance, HCG is only approved by the FDA for use during fertility treatment. However, it is not approved for human consumption.

hcg diet before and afterThis weight loss regimen was discovered in the 50s by Dr. A.T. Simeon while carrying out research in India. He learnt that by inducing small quantities of HCG diet drops in the body, the hormone suppresses the appetite thereby encouraging weight loss as explained further at Dr. Simeon divided the HCG diet plan into 4 different stages after discovering that effective weight loss can be obtained after several rounds of treatment.

How does HCG work? The diet regiment entails restricting the amount of calories that you can take. The HCG diet plan works by restricting calorie intake to between 500 and 700 calories per day, something that has been criticized by a majority of experts. This is because the minimum recommended calorie intake is 1200.

Surprisingly, 500 calories is still enough to sustain normal body functions. Then again, if the body requires more energy, it obtains the required energy by burning fat reserves. As such, HCG diet works by preserving lean body tissues while at the same time getting rid of unwanted body fat. The principle of using fat reserves for normal body functions is what enables HCG users to lose at between 1 to 3 lbs per day.

One of the major concerns is that HCG diet can cause unpleasant side effects such as headaches, irritation and fatigue. It is for this reason that most people keep asking, “does the HCG diet work”. Fortunately, the majority of HCG diet reviews published on the web do not report side effects. As a matter of fact, most people on this diet regimen confess to being extremely healthy and energetic.

A number of doctors and scientists have stated that HCG can trigger long-term side effects, for example, damage to organs however there are no documentations to prove this theory. There are proven cases showing that on the HCG diet plan, you can lose up to 40 lbs in less than six weeks.

To ensure that your weight loss is sustainable, the program has been divided into different phases. This is because after the first six weeks, your weight loss is reduced to about 0.5 lbs. per day.

The benefits provided by HCG diet plan are numerous. For instance, issues such as obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes and being overweight are eliminated. To safeguard against food cravings and starvation, the diet plan encourages the sneaking in of “cheat foods” at least once a week.

So, does the HCG diet work? The answer is yes. This weight loss regimen can enable you to shed between 30 and 40 lbs in less than 2 months.

naperville upholstery cleaningUpholstery cleaning is a generic term that covers a number of different things but it basically boils down to cleaning any furniture that contains some sort of fabric. This includes anything such as sofas, couches, chairs and even mattresses; although that is specialize field in its own right. A professional upholstery cleaner such as often has many tricks up their sleeve as it can often be extremely difficult to get in and clean some of those hard to reach places on couches and sofas.

When cleaning upholstery, it’s very important to make sure there are no stains or spots left over after cleaning, and this is the main issue that arises when an amateur cleaner, or a do it yourself person tries to clean their own couch or sofa.

When you try to attack a spot stain it’s easy to just make the problem worse by creating ring stains around the initial stain. This happens when you use chemical and or water in an attempt to remove the stain but what actually happens here is that the chemicals or water that you apply will just cause the stain to run.

Another amateur mistake is just trying to attack the area where the spot stain is and not cleaning the entire area. This will cause an uneven finish on your couch or sofa in the very same way that when you get your car repainted you can’t just touch up part of each panel, you actually have go out there repaint the entire panel. However, when painting a car you are able to get the new finish to match the existing finish by your choice of paint. This is not possible when cleaning upholstery so you really have no choice but to go over the entire surface of your furniture to make sure the final result is consistent.