Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Friend Me!

This will be short and sweet....

Wedding photography is a skill that requires great focus and concentration. I recently attended a wedding with my photographer friend Shree Vella. She is a top Wedding Photography Gold Coast specialist. It was really interesting to watch her at work as their are so many distractions during a wedding shoot and you really have to be very focus and in control to keep the very "happy" crowd in some sort of control. I think the wedding reception was the hardest to get the best wedding photos. Well easy and hard. There is a lot of variety, but at the reception people lack concentration the most, so trying to get them to pose for a memorable shot is almost impossible. Really the portraits and model shoots really have to be done before the reception and I guess thats why all wedding photographers organize a good hour or so for a private shoot before the reception with the bride, groom and their helpers.

All in the wedding shoot turned out amazing in the end. I made some friends. Learned an awesome amount about wedding photography and had a great time. If you are interested in wedding photography call Shree Vella on 0416265804.

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Monday, January 24, 2005

Techies do it in the dark

It's true you know.  Techies do it in the dark.  At least that's what my shirt says.  So this past weekend was the Virginia State Thespians Conference @ Radford University and it was absolutely awesome.  The bus ride there was interesting.  Our driver, Charles, was extremely fast...we stayed in the left lane and blew by all the traffic.  It was awesome.  There isn't much to cover though: Thursday night we got to the hotel around 11 and just bullshitted around until it was time for lights out.  Friday we went to Radford and had some fun...went to some classes...and then @ night we saw an absolutely horrible play.  I mean, we are talking about disaster city was...the worst 2 hours and 40 minutes of my life.  And then on Saturday, myself, lauren, erika, martin, thomas, and some others got recruited to be deck crew for Much Ado About Nothing....since all of the techies had dropped out of the production.  So we had less than 10 hours to get this straight....and let me tell you it was some of the best tech in a long-long time.  A lot of people were commenting on how well deck changes went during black-outs and then we told them that the entire deck crew were ACTORS and they were floored when they heard that.  FIRST COLONIAL DECK CREW ROCKS!

Gaff_uniteOn the bus ride back...we had no heat.  But it was alright...we made it.  In the end the weekend was 50/50....REALLY COLD (-15F) but I had a great time.  Oh, and did I mention that when they recruited us to be tech....we were all wearing white shoes and had no replacements????  This is what happens when you have no time.... Gaff Tape binds the world together.

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Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Good Luck, Ian

42780701_l I spent a large part of last night thinking to myself about one of my closet friends, Ian.  Today he went to Hawaii to study for a few months and in March he is traveling to the Philippines with his Church or something like that.  I don't even really know why he is going to tell you the truth...all I know is that he returns on June 14 and I cannot wait.

Ian is someone I met about this time last year....we started talking online and hit it off.  Of course we were only friends since I was dating Matt at the time and I didn't want to do anything to ruin on relationship.  But apparently there was some miscommunication when I told Matt that I was going to go see Ian in Chesapeake (one city over) and then it turned into this big argument and blah blah blah.  But I knew my friendship with Ian was bigger than any petty fight with my significant we kept in touch and we hung out this summer.  We kinda lost connection with each other the past few months and I finally went clubbin with him about two weeks ago and we've been talking a lot since then.  He is basically one of my first bi friends that I've known and kept in touch with....these next 6 months are really going to be hard without him.  I love the dude to death and I can't imagine what this is going to be like.44751310_l_3

Ian, I hope you have a great time doing whatever it is you're doing (haha) but please be safe and know that I miss you and so does everyone else.  You are a big part of my life and I can't wait for you to get your ass back here.  Be safe.

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Saturday, December 25, 2004

Better move along...

So, might as well begin with saying thanks to everyone that e-mailed and IMed me regarding my last entry....met a lot of people I'd otherwise never heard of and received a lot of encouraging words from big-name people....but it all comes back to friends and they have been very receptive and opening.  Thank you.

Christmas was today and that went alright I assume.  Got a lot of clothes...and most of them were were ugly or didn't fit right....I only got *one* nice shirt...and that was from a gay friend. haha.  ::snap snap::  ;-)  But yah, had dinner with the family which is always interesting and we had an early birthday celebration for me since most of them will be back in their respective towns tomorrow.  If you didn't know or don't birthday is Monday, December 27.  I will be 18, FINALLY.

Oh yah, thought this would be cool to mention: our senior trip for my high school is to Ireland, Great Britain, and Paris.  We graduate on June 18 and leave on July 1st.  Nineteen days (yes, 19) in Europe!  Gotta love the nicest public high school in Virginia Beach. :-D  Oh yah, I don't think I mentioned that I transferred high schools...I don't go to Landstown anymore...that school was gay. haha.  Full of gangsters and wannabe 50-cent bitches.  Speaking of, who would name an album "Get Rich or Die Trying"...god damn people are stupid....and look at his picture on the cover...with his tricked-out iced-out gunz and bandanna's.  Stupid douche.  Sorry, little rant.

Okay, so here is a little insight into the political and religious beliefs of one "confused" child.  I know the election is over but I've gotten lots of emails asking who I voted for and whatnot.  So...if you didn't piece it together yet...I'm just about to turn I couldn't vote in the election...but IF I COULD:  I would vote George Bush.  I was a very big Kerry supporter for a long time because I wanted to get out of the war and I liked all the promises he said.  But the more I thought about it I decided that if we were to get out of this war I rather have Bush there for the simple fact that terrorist will strike no matter who our president is and he has been in this war for a long time and might as well let him continue and get us out as fast as he can without having someone new come in and try and do everything too fast.  Yeah, I hate the war but I rather have HIS staff which knows whats going on do it rather than a new cabinet (even though Bush has changed half of his cabinet now.)

People thought I would be a big Kerry supporter since he is for gay marriage and whatnot....I actually dont care.  Maybe this is a sign that I'm not committed to being gay or whatever but I just don't care because I don't plan on getting married to a dude anytime soon...if ever.  Plus, Kerry was only for civil unions which is not much different.  The only thing I support Kerry on is the fact that he wanted to make it so a 'life partner' could take care of his/her companion in a time of need such as hospitalization and financial situations.  BUT I do think Bush is way off line by saying that being gay is 'not right' and whatever else that stuttering Texan says.

Oh yeah, Kerry is/was full of empty promises anyways.

Now to my religious beliefs...this is actually pretty short. haha.  I think there is a god.  I don't go to church, I don't see the need for it.  I like to tell people that I only pray when I need something, haha....which is bad...I know.  I don't say "God Bless You" or say a prayer before I eat or go to bed....I don't really believe in a heaven or hell...I just like to think there is someone bigger than all of us watching us, ya know?

I think god kept that stuttering Texan around for a reason. ;-)
And please, I know you probably wanna correct me on something but I rather you not.  They're are MY VIEWS and lets just let it go.

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Tuesday, November 30, 2004

My 'Real World' Confessional

Fh000005_2So here is a recent picture of me you probably haven't seen before unless we are buddy-buddy like that.

So where should I begin with my history? Haha.  That is one thing you will notice with me, I joke about being gay....its nothing to be overly morbid's just who I am and now I'm gonna share some of it with you.  Don't let my gay-ness rub off on you though, it is contagious.  I've found out like 8 of my good online friends since I told lets not add you to this's not cool to be gay...don't be gay.  haha ;-)  I crack myself up.  By the way, all of these images are click-able and open a larger image.

Genzhqktcjxc_2 None of these feelings started to really get to me until about this time last year when I was working at Target.  I met this guy Matt...I thought he was hella hot and I wanted to get to know we started to hang out and talk a lot and one day I did the whole 'I have something to tell you but I'm afraid and I'm not ready' routine and finally I asked him if he was gay and he said yes so immediately I said 'oh me too!' Haha, so he was the FIRST official person I've EVER told and that was a huge thing.  I cried like a fuckin' fag that night because all that weight had been lifted off my shoulders.  It felt great.  So we continued to hang out and eventually we started dating on January 5th, 2004.  That lasted until July 5th.  The time in-between was nothing but great, yes we had our fights but I loved him and I couldn't have asked for a better 6 months.  Towards then end, though, it started to turn sour and I met one of his friends, Sam (a different Sam).  He was 'supposed' to come to Norfolk to go to Old Dominion University....he lives in Roanoke, VA.


42188482565_0_1 Either way, I lied and went behind Matt's back in mid June and drove to Roanoke to see Sam.  I went to his high school graduation and just hung out with him and his friends all weekend.  I had a blast.  BUT, what I failed to mention is that on the way there I got a speeding ticket for doing 85/55.  Whoops! haha, either way I still had a blast. But for that ticket I would lose my license for 90 days; Speaking of, I get my license back tomorrow! (December 1st).  In the end, Matt found out that I went to Roanoke and we broke up but I dunno if he actually knew that I went to Roanoke until much later....either way it was over.  And just to finish off this topic, nothing ever became of Sam #2 and myself but we are still hella close and talk all the time.


Mike1Onto the last 'boi' (to throw a mildly gay term into this post)...we have Mike.  There isn't much to say besides he had to move back to D.C. because of his dad being in the military but I miss him a lot and hope he comes back down here to Virginia Beach.  If not I'll go visit him in D.C. when I get a chance.  Some friends are not worth losing, for whatever reason, Mike is one of those friends.

I think you'll be hearing a lot more about Mike in the coming months if I DO keep this site alive.  Now to talk about the other people in my life that keep me happy.

I would mention two people right about now but I can't mention one without the other and one of them happens to be a school teacher so fuck that!  I'm keepin my mouth shut!  But who else can I mention?


32676976b He is my friend from Longwood.  He works at another Target in our district and he is hella cool to hang with.  Hopefully we will be able to chill over the Christmas Holiday.  We both want a Bull Terrier and we like the color pink (if you couldn't tell from our pictures, haha) and we both watch The O.C.. ;-)


Kristin She is my best friend and also my ex-girlfriend. We dated all through middle school and we hang out every week.  Currently she is whipped by a NAVY guy, Jerry.  I still don't know about the Navy but I hope he treats her well.  I love her, always will.


Picture_0131 Amanda used to be best friends with Matt and since I met her last December we have become hella close and even though we have hated each other for a long time we have decided that we are just alike.  We are funny, sarcastic, and down-right-arrogant when need be.  We specialize is sarcasm though ;-)  She wants me to move down to Florida with her next summer, she says I cant back out so I dunno what I'm gonna do...I have Mike to think about!

My Blazer:
Dsc00020 How can I go without mentioning my Blazer!  I real takes pride (har-har) in their vehicle and I sure do!  Oh yah, Kristin and Amanda have come to the conclusion that I am not gay....this is just a phase.  Hell if I know!

Well I hope you enjoyed this post that encompasses the last 11 months and 15 days of my life.  Email me if you wanna ask some questions.  It's always better to ask than assume or create stereotypes about something you know nothing about. ;-)

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